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MetaPro is proactively taking specific actions toward SDGs.


JICA grant aid project

Moldova is depending on import from neighboring countries for most of mineral resources such as oil and coal, due to lack of national energy resources. And such cost is pressuring national financial burden. And local government suffering financial difficulties is also facing a big problem of ensuring stable heating supply to public facilities such as local schools due to insufficient budget to procure enough amount of fuel.
Through this JICA aid project, production facilities for pellet as biomass fuel and boilers were installed and donated. As a result, we could contribute to improve the living environment of the residents through securing continuous heating such public facilities and reducing energy costs.

ODA project:
Biomass boiler/pellet factory

Commemorative photo with the kindergarten children while inspecting after installation

JICA feasibility study survey for the development of mini-till/no-till planting machine

We are now conducting a feasibility study for mini-till and no-till planting machine development in Moldova, where the Moldovan government is promoting environment conservative agriculture which needs to hurry to spread.

In-house efforts

From September 2020, we utilize tablet for internal operations and communications as a paperless measure. (We are carrying out business system migration to the database.)
In addition, we are switching all in-house lighting fixtures to LEDs to reduce the environmental burden.

In steel processing, we are making efforts to reduce CO2 and to prevent processing loss and scattering loss in painting when fabricating steel products such as "drilling, cutting, welding, painting ...". Although such efforts bring very difficult high cost issues, we are trying to find out the way by thinking about what we can do first.
We are also promoting non-welding and non-painting in our processing line. We will strive to reduce total costs and to be an earth-friendly company.