Products manufactured by MetaPro are used in various fields.
Our staffs well-versed in secondary members processing manufacture products with their high skills.

Furring Strip

Furring strips are "base materials of walls." Because walls and beams cannot be directly fixed with each other, or even if they are fixed, they break away when the wind blow. So, walls are not directly fixed to beams. That's the reason why furring strips are required. We sort out detailed directions and construction sections completely, enabling smooth work at construction sites.



Braces are reinforcing materials used to construct streel structure buildings that can bear the horizontal load. We manufacture a wide variety of brace products, such as angle members and channel members. It is possible to manufacture diverse brace products for factories, gymnasiums, facilities, and so on.


Beams are subjected to the vertical load only and carry the slab load to girders by being laid between girders. We have abundant experience in manufacturing beams.


Studs are pillars that function as base materials or base materials supporting members for walls. We have experience in manufacturing various types of studs, such as square type or H-section steel.


Catwalks are not a passage located up high for a cat but a path built on high places to maintain equipment and so on. We have experience in working for the construction of complicated and famous buildings.

Anchor Frame

We manufacture fixing frames for anchor bolts dealt with as supporting materials for steel columns.

Grapevine Trellis

Grapevine trellis is members suspended from beams to hang ceiling base materials.

Shutter Bases

Shutter bases are base materials to which shutter boxes and shutter rail bases are mounted.

Solar Panel Mounting

Solar panel mountings are frames used to install solar panels, which are indispensable to solar power generation. We have many delivery records for large-scale projects.

MP Tag

We also manufacture number matching tags in which various markings can be engraved, such as kanji/hiragana/katakana/alphameric characters/symbols.