MetaPro is
a specialist
in steel frame parts.

Metal Products Inc., or
“MetaPro (nickname)”,
manufactures a comprehensive
range of parts for the steel frame industry
mainly in the area of steel frame members.
We are a company that recognizes our role
in society and grows in tandem with the development of the industry.
MetaPro’s 4 Strengths


Manufacturing Products
to Sustain “Security”

We satisfy customers’ needs, bring solutions to customers in any “what should we do?” situation, and provide excellent products.

Shutter base

Characteristics of furring strips made by MetaPro

We specialize in light gauge steel frames and second members and have a wide variety of records of manufacturing furring strips.
In recent years, architectural design has become complex. Furring strips are the area that requires great care and, therefore, tends to be avoided, but we can handle the entire process from the creation of drawings for building work to processing and painting, using the know-how we have developed. Furring strips made by MetaPro can fit right in perfectly by bringing solutions to troubles at construction sites and quickly responding to customers’ needs. Requests from customers allow our company’s furring strips to keep evolving.


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