Pick Up Staffs

Masayuki TakahashiFactory Manager of the First Factory, joined the company in 2019

I worked for a company in the field of Manufacturing Industry before I joined the company. This company was belonged to completely different type industry. I wished to challenge to work in more bigger scale industry, so I decided to join Metal Products.
When I joined the company at first, I had no knowledge or experience in this industry and was obliged to start from "zero" base. However, while I started working, I felt in love with my job, through learning the fun and profoundness of welding in the operation and processing of machines that make products.
Currently I am working on the daily job as the Factory Manager of the first factory. I would like to work with other departments closely, to manage the factory firmly, and to do work that satisfies our customers.

  • Watching sports (I mainly like baseball and soccer).
  • Experienced in brass band and listen to music regardless of genre.

Yuma ItoSecond factory Factory Manager, joined in the company in 2012

  • 1st Grade Steel Frame Fabrication Management Engineer
  • Semi-Automatic Welding SA-2F

While looking for a job, a teacher overseeing the kendo club advised me to join the company, so I took part in MetaPro's internship. I thought work at MetaPro would be worth working for, and decided to join the company.
I'm in charge of welding and give instructions to subordinates while doing my work. As there is something sensory in welding, it is extremely difficult to teach it. As it is hard to verbalize and convey welding skills, if a subordinate master them, I feel much happier than when I feel happy for myself. When I was able to do challenging welding work, I could have the best feeling of accomplishment doing this job. I'll keep cultivating my skills, and I would be happy if we all could continue to grow together.

  • "Camping alone," which I have recently started.
  • Doing a practice swing as a part of muscle training using my experience of kendo or the Japanese art of fencing

Daiki GotoManager of manufacturing Division joined the company in 2020

Almost one year has passed after I joined the company. At first, I felt uneasiness in the company as I had no experience before, but I am now working in pleasant condition thanks to the kind support of seniors.
Also, I have a lot of colleagues from Indonesia and Nepal. While working together, I could have a good experience world which I had never known before, and every day I am very fulfilled with new discoveries and surprises.
The relationship between young employees and skilled employees is also very open, and the company is having good environment as we can work while exchanging opinions smoothly. I am now trying to work on the job every day which satisfy our customer through processing better products with our strong teamwork.

  • Camping (I am now planning "two persons camping" together with Yuhma.)
  • Snowboarding (As I get old, I feel muscle pain which comes late. I am feeling physical decline so I started this sports.)

Masashi OnoDeputy Chief Technology Officer, joined the company in 2001

  • 2nd Grade Steel Frame Fabrication Management Engineer
  • Semi-Automatic Welding SA-3F

After graduating from high school, I worked at an ironworks outside the prefecture.
After that, I returned to Shinjo, my hometown, and landed a job in a different business. But, I still wanted to engage in manufacturing at an ironworks. So, I joined MetaPro.
At the moment, as a deputy factory director, I'm involved in practical work while supervising the factory. Recently, I had an opportunity to manufacture a product that MetaPro had never manufactured before. We were able to deliver the product by working together with veteran employees. Though I've been working with the company for 20 years, I was impressed with the depth of ironworks afresh. I want to continue to challenge the creation of new products if the opportunity arises. Without being complacent about my present skills, I will keep enhancing them and pass them on to the next generation.

  • Fishing in the sea leisurely
  • Enjoying badminton with my son

Kenji SatoManufacturing Division, joined the company in 2017

  • Semi-Automatic Welding SA-2FW

In my previous job, I was engaged in manufacturing car parts, but I thought I wanted to make different products. That's why I joined MetaPro.
Right now, I'm a leader in quality improvement. When a problem happens in the course of manufacturing, I analyze its cause, come up with ideas of how to make improvements, and share them with our members at the factory. At the factory, I also do welding, so I feel fulfilled because I have many things to do every day. Sometimes, I'm worried about how to proceed. I want to dissolve problems steadily one by one so that we can deliver better products to customers.
MetaPro places importance on employees' initiatives with a company culture that allows its employees to challenge new things. From now on, I'll challenge the acquisition of new qualifications to broaden my business expertise and contribute to the company.

  • Car driving
  • Cooking
    (It's fun to cook elaborate meals by watching videos.)

Mayu WatanabeSenior staff, Production Control Division, joined the company in 2018

As I had initially connections with people in foreign countries, I joined the company in search of possibilities to work together with overseas people.
I manage data for cutting and processing, which are created in Indonesia. By continuously exchanging communications with them, I try to do my job flexibly.
It is an excellent experience to exchange communications with overseas people, for example, in Moldova using English.
I'm really happy that there is a place where I can express my opinions and get a chance actively.
While receiving advice from superiors, I'll improve my skills and continue to grow.

  • Listening to music
  • Drawing pictures
Message from her superior!

Since joining the company, Mayu has had various experiences in the Production Control Division. Currently, she is doing a job responsibly as senior staff in collaboration with the overseas bases. Mayu is a colleague who grows together while actively speaking up about new initiatives and innovation as well as a dependable and encouraging person when I myself meet obstacles. If you put into practice things that you worry about one by one by thinking about how to become able to do them, you can grow steadily. Let's keep working together while appreciating the environment in which you can experience them.